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Are you feeling overwhelmed, tired and scattered? I've been there.

And I want to help you through the same steps and strategies I followed as a busy mom, wife, and entrepreneur to create a simpler, happier life. Let me show you how to be more :


My life is drastically calmer and more peaceful than it used to be - including my mornings, my home, my family, and my mind and heart. I beat overwhelm and stress, and approach each day with joy. And so can you!



Organization isn’t about perfection - it’s about preparedness. Having a plan and system for all the challenging areas of your home and life will help you be prepared for all the things that come your way each day in your busy life.



Let’s bring a breath of fresh air to your life on the inside (your mental and emotional space) and on the outside (your physical space.) You deserve to feel good!

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You will walk away with a specific plan and confidence in your abilities to be more organized, create more space in your day, and live a peaceful and joyful life.

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The Courses:

Morning and Night Routine Guide

Transform your chaotic mornings and exhausted evenings into calm, prepared, and energy-giving times of your day. Learn my framework for creating, practicing, and mastering your own successful morning and night routines that are simple and doable, practical for your busy schedule, and will bring you the breathing room and energy you need to approach each day with joy.

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The Organization Masterclass

This is THE course to learn fundamentals of organization and all the tips, tricks, and strategies used by professional organizers that you can customize and apply to your own home and life. In this masterclass, I will teach you with simple yet complete steps how to declutter and create systems for your physical spaces and schedule, from piles of paper to your to-do list, your kitchen to your suitcase - and everything in between.

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The Bundle

For those that want a complete life makeover on the inside and outside, this bundle is for you. Receive the Morning and Night Routine Guide and The Organization Masterclass at a special rate - it’s my little bonus for you for going all-in!




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"I took your morning and night routines course this week and it was amazing! There's so much information out there about routines that I really wasn't sure if it would help, BUT IT DID. The way you guide your audience, not just present the facts is what makes it so helpful. The 6-step framework is genius. :) After years of attempting a night routine and only making it a couple nights at a time, I've successfully made it 5 nights and do not anticipate letting it go because of the drastic change I've experienced in my focus, energy and joy throughout the day. Thank you so much!!"

Kara B.

"I’ve tried numerous organizing books & classes over the years and I can truly say that I am finding Mika’s course to be the best."

Sara I.

"I just finished the morning/night routine guide. I gave myself the space to do them a little at a time, so it took me several weeks but I already feel like I’ve gotten the time I spent doing the classes back in spades! Having these routines is like finding an extra 24 hours in every day because it takes all the stress out. I’m loving them so far."

Amy A.

"Mika helped me learn that decluttering my life puts the control back in my hands. Organization is not about how it looks- it's about how it feels. Perfection is not the goal, peace is!"

-Jacquie L.

"“The morning routine has genuinely changed my life- personally and professionally :)"

-Dr. Jillian S.

You will receive...

Expert Instruction

As a former teacher and professional organizer, I am combining my training and experiences in both areas to bring you a simple yet effective curriculum that is easy to understand - and that you are going to love.


Step-By-Step Guidance

I know your time is valuable. My goal is for you to learn what you need to know as quickly and easily as possible so that you can and have success! These courses will be like me holding your hand as we go, showing you what to do along the way, and cheering you on!


Cheatsheets and Printables

Seeing things on paper creates a more concrete plan than ideas swimming around in your head. I did the work ahead for you with cheatsheets, printable checklists, and worksheets that come with each module to get you into the flow and figure out what your next steps are to create a more organized life.


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